GenMix Complete Install

GenMix Complete Install
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GenMix is available for download with the following updates:

- Multiple updates in the Ready to Spray products (according to the selected country)
- When searching by an alternative description, it will appear under the description in the software
- The year will be verified during a search
- The formula list screen design has been modified
- The popular formulas will be highlighted in blue
- Savant Search: we will check if the formula is metallic or solid before matching the measurement
- It is now possible to choose the weight of the formula in grams or kilograms
- Job Management report: the comment has been added under the formula details
- Some simple statistics have been added in the reports (average, number of jobs...)
- Added a drop down called Show jobs which will filter the jobs by All, Finished and Pending
- If multiple old formulas are available, a popup will show where you will be able to choose the formulas according to their date.

We remind you that it is possible to update the database from the about section. Database updates are released weekly.